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Published on
September 17, 2023

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Are you an Elite Athlete?

Join our club and you will receive amazing incentives!
  • Should have ran 30:31 (Males), 34:45 (Females) on a 10k in the past Athlete 24 months
  • Should have ran 63:30 (Males), 74:00 (Females) on a 21k in the past 24 months
  • Should have represented the province in the national champs and finish in the top 10 ( ie road race, and cross country)
  • Should be in good standing with ASA rules
  • Should have ran 2:17 (males) 2:45 (Females) on a marathon in the past 24 month
  • Should have been in the top 10 of ultra-marathon in the past 24 months
  • Track and field athlete should have ran at the national camps and finished in the top 5 of their respective events
    • We will pay elite athletes an amount of R1500, every 3 months. Provided that they have had a podium finish in 3 consecutive months for 3 races, e.g 3 road races. For cross country athlete minimum payment of incentive will be 4 podium finishes and a top 10 finish at the provincial championships.
    • Athletes need to have ran in club colours to qualify for the incentive
    • Athletes need to submit results of each race within the 7 days of the race
    • Bonus payment will be made if the athlete gets 3 first places in 3 months. The bonus amount will be R500 more. Refer to point 1
    • Athletes who are elected by the province to run the SA road champs will be paid R300 in the week of the championships.
    • Additional bonus to be paid to athletes who are in the top 10 of the SA championships i.e road, track & field and cross country Bonus monies to be paid is R500
    • Athlete who are elected to represent the country will be paid R1000. In the week leading to the event. Bonus will be paid if the athlete gets in the top 10 of the event
    • Addition pay out for athletes that gets a podium finish at the cross country championships. Refer to point 1. Additional incentive will be R500
    • Additional bonus for athletes who gets podium finish at the provincial championships R500, this excludes point 1
    • TRAC will choose 3 road races as TRAC championship, athletes who get top 3 in these events will be paid an incentive amount of R500 each
    • TRAC will have time trail incentives.
      1. Athletes must complete 4 time trails in 2 months
      2. Athletes must be in the top 3, four times in a period of 2 months
      3. The athletes with the best time will be paid R500
      4. The incentive will be paid to both women and males
      5. Points 1 to 4 excludes point 1
      6. Exco can use its discretion to pay the most improve athlete an amount of R300 for the time trails
      7. The distance for the time trail will be 4KM and 8KM
      8. The incentive will pay for both 4 and 8 KM
      9. All time trails will be recorded in all provinces where TRAC is affiliated
    • TRAC will have a time trail for all TRAC members where by the King and Queen of time trail will be chosen in both 4 and 8KM.
      1. First male and female R500
      2. Second male and female R300
      3. Third male and female R150
      4. TRAC time trail championships will be held once a year
      5. The will be monies for juniors, seniors, veterans and master. Juniors and veterans and master will pay first athlete in both males and females
    • EXCO to secure a sponsor for the time trail championships.
    • Most improved athlete of the year
      1. Both female and Males
      2. Best T&F; athletes of the year
      3. Best cross country athlete of the year
      4. Best road
      5. Best new comer
      6. Most improved athlete of the year
      7. Most improved marathon and ultra of the year
      8. Most supportive member of the year
      9. Chairman award
      10. Sponsor ward
    • Point 1 to 10 above no monies paid, certificates and or trophies

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