TRAC Newsletter 2023

An amazing Comrades results is the highlight as we kick start out newsletter.
Comrades 2023 was a place to be, where Top Runners painted Durban
lime & black.
This year, we had 54 champs who qualified to run Comrades and acquired different medals as per their fantastic different finish time.
Great representation. Great job, Champs .

Milestone: Tebogo Masehla Legendary race kicked off for the very first time in the history of Top Runners, which was on 5 August 2023 at VUT Stadium in Vanderbijlpark.
Great organising, great performance, great attendance, and a successful race, indeed! The new records Setters for the new race, absolutely brilliant performance!

Top Runners represented the club in quite a lot of races and claiming podiums in most of them. Our young athletes really made sure the TRAC flag is flying high.This is indeed the Home of Champs.
Well done, Top Runners.

Albany Heritage Day Race, this year it was on another level. Our sponsor, Albany in Sasolburg, making sure that every year, we celebrate our heritage in style, every runner goes home with a loaf of bread filled with energy, T-shirts for organizers, and many more nice goodies.
We really appreciate the love & support.

In October, Cape Town Sanlam Marathon, the Champs, made a great representation and came back home with medals. Top performance by the Champs there, as well as at, Kaapsehoop, the club, was greatly represented.

Young Champs are performing and making us proud as they claimed podiums on many occasions.
The club mission of developing young athletes is really shaping up and looking great.
We saw Tshepang and Precious being honored by representing Free State at the Olympics, and they were rewarded for their absolutely outstanding performance.
As a club, we are proud to produce only the best.
The future looks bright.

Some of our Champs were seen on the national television being interviewed after they participated in the Soweto marathon on the 4th of November 2023, great representation.

Top Runners are really participating and representing the club across the globe.
There are couple of race before end of the year, with one in mind – the RAC Tough One taking place on the 26 November. We wish our members all the best.

A warm welcome to all our new members. We hope you enjoy your stay in your new home.

Upcoming event:
Members are looking forward to our Gala dinner and Comrades sendoff which will take place, 25 May 2024.

Tebogo Masehla Legendary Race in August 2024.

Albany Heritage day race will be taking place on the 29 September 2024.

Club membership & ASA licences renewals 2024.

Be your brother’s/sister’s keeper, by donating running shoes that are still in good condition & can be used. The pair of running shoes can make a difference in somebody’s life. Even better, if you can afford to buy brand new , it would be appreciated .

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